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PurePlank FSC®

PurePlank is an affordable, FSC® certified, 14mm engineered plank ideal for everything from single residences to the largest multi-residential complex.

A triple layered engineered construction which involves a solid oak surface bonded to two layers of softwood ensures stability, and the mill’s huge capacity and sophisticated control programme enables it to produce large volumes at a consistently high quality; a click system also makes installation exceptionally quick which is a further benefit on large projects.

PurePlank is available in 130, 180 and 207mm planks, as well as a number of 3-strips; 207mm wide planks have a thicker wear layer. Matt lacquered, oiled and UV oiled finishes are available, as are both bevelled and square edges. It may be fitted over underfloor heating and a special mounting clip also makes it ideal for use as cladding.



Henley offers a fashion forward product which is very durable.

The Henley range is best described as a pre-finished plank with texture. It is a quality, high performance, engineered board with a hardwood surface layer which accounts for around 25% or more of the overall depth, usually backed by a high-quality birch ply and with traditional tongue and groove profile – but sawing, brushing, burning and planning techniques add character and tremendous visual interest without going as far as a reclaimed board.

Henley boards range from 13-22mm thick, and from 170-260mm wide. The products feature an oiled finished which gives a natural appearance and the vast majority are suitable for use over underfloor heating.



Our reclaimed planks are used on floors, walls, ceiling, doors, furniture and even lighting in private residences, designer shops, restaurants and commercial premises.

Authentic aged timber is not only visually inspiring, it tells the story of its past. Some planks are solid, others offer additional stability by bonding a thick layer, usually 6mm, of the reclaimed wood to a ply or softwood back: these may be fitted over underfloor heating. But whether engineered or solid, all are planed, profiled and sanded using twenty-first century production techniques to produce a board which is straight, level and of a consistent depth, ensuring ease of installation in the largest projects.

Our genuine reclaimed planks are usually supplied in mixed widths, however Relik also includes from reproduction reclaimed engineered planks which use distressing techniques to replicate the ageing process in a very durable board available in 120 and 190mm widths.



Bespoke is a Havwoods’ concept, not a collection, it is your design ideas delivered in such a way as to make them viable to install in a commercial situation.

Achieving complex patterns in wood flooring conventionally is massively labour intensive on site, and therefore highly disruptive. The Havwoods’ Bespoke solution is to produce the desired pattern at the mill as fully finished engineered panels: significantly quicker and far more practical on a busy site, and also ensuring a superior finish since it is achieved in a controlled factory environment.



The width you choose is obviously a personal preference but remember: a very wide board in a narrow room may be overpowering, whilst very narrow boards in a very wide room can appear lost. Usually we recommend a board width which is in proportion to the size of the room.

It is also worth noting that there is less select or prime grade availability in wide boards, so if you want a prime grade you will have more choice with a narrower board.


The Italian Collection

Inspired by the intricate floors of Italy, this collection of narrower, thinner planks, chevron and herringbone blocks provide more flexibility for laying complex patterns or mixing tiles and other materials. Two different chevrons, a herringbone block and a plank are available in every shade.

A highly consistent engineered board with two layers: a surface of select grade slow-grown European Oak which accounts for over 1/3 of the overall depth is backed with spruce or birch ply, The Italian Collection features tongue and groove profile and bevelled or micro-bevelled edge on the planks and chevrons.

The Italian Collection boards have a lacquered finish, are FSC® certified, and are suitable for fitting over underfloor heating.



A lacquer is normally a polyurethane coating which is applied to the surface, covers the pores of the wood and forms a hard, resilient protective coating.

An oiled finish penetrates deep into the wood to bring out the true beauty of the colour and grain; it gives a natural look and lends itself to spot repairing in the event of damage. Modern oiled finishes, particularly Hardwax oil, provide almost as much dirt and stain resistance as a lacquer.

With the exception of those with a UV cured oiled finish, most oiled floors require an additional coat after installation.



Design compiles all our herringbone, chevron and Versailles patterns, with the exception of the thinner blocks in The Italian Collection, together in one place.

It includes a number of beautifully machined unfinished solid oak herringbone blocks, in a variety of grades and sizes, for completion on site; pre-finished engineered herringbone blocks and chevrons which may be fitted over underfloor heating; tumbled and reclaimed blocks, both solid and engineered. The Versailles patterns are available both as pre-finished panels, some of which may be fitted over underfloor heating, and as unfinished, individual solid oak blocks.

A matching plank is available for some herringbone blocks and all chevrons with which to create a border.



Fusion is a beautiful, exceptionally durable and cost-effective plank perfect for all applications right up to the toughest, high-footfall commercial usage.

As the name suggests, Fusion uses the very latest technology to reproduce some of our most popular boards onto engineered wood which is far harder than oak and, unlike wood in its uncompressed state, not cellular in structure. This means that it will not compress on impact and so can be finished with multiple coats of ultra-hard, aluminium technology matt laquer.

The result is a beautiful, warm, matt lacquered, 14mm PEFC™ certified bevelled plank, with a click system profile which may be fitted over underfloor heating; 190.5mm wide.


Gold Leaf

A collection of solid hardwood planks, offering either pre-finished or unfinished, with square and bevelled edges, and in a variety of grades and widths. Gold Leaf planks are notable for the accuracy of machining and require minimal on-site sanding.



Passionate as we are about wood, we are less convinced of its suitability as a decking product. Instead we recommend composite materials which do not promote the growth of algae and thus show far greater slip resistance in the wet. Usually made from wood fibre mixed with polyethylene, these solid planks are also less susceptible to rot and warping and will not splinter. They are low maintenance, fade- and stain-resistant.

Our composite decking is available in a number of shades, patterns and plank widths.


Venture Plank

A quality, high performance, engineered board, perfect for most properties, with a comprehensive spectrum of interesting shades and a smooth finish are the characteristics of Venture Plank.

Most of the boards in this collection have a two-layered construction, comprising of a hardwood surface which accounts for around 25% or more of the overall depth, backed by a technically superior birch ply which ensures greater stability. It has a traditional tongue and groove profile with a bevelled or micro-bevelled edge and is milled to exceptional machining standards.

Venture Plank boards range from 13-20mm thick, and from 140-260m wide. The majority of products are finished with a fourth generation UV cured Hardwax Oil, which provides exceptional durability whilst maintaining a natural appearance, and are suitable for use over underfloor heating.



Whilst the majority of our flooring is suitable for use as cladding on walls, ceilings and other features, Vertical is a visually diverse collection which has been designed specifically for the task.

Vertical comprises of new and reclaimed planks, both solid and engineered, and all milled to twenty-first century tolerances. It also includes a collection of interlocking panels which offer an exceptionally easy way to create a stunning feature with mosaics of reclaimed wood bonded in intricate patterns to large backing sheets.


Hand Grade Collection

Our Hand Grade Collection is designed for your most prestigious projects, comprising of enormous boards up to 4m long and almost 1⁄2m wide, with diverse, spectacular finishes. They are Cradle to Cradle (Bronze) and FSC® certified.

Hand Grade is a high quality, high performance, pre-finished engineered board of triple layered construction, with a nominal 6mm wear layer of European oak, WBP birch ply core and European Oak base, which comes in a choice of two surfaces. One is a 19mm thick plank with micro-bevelled edges and a smooth sanded surface; the other is a sculptured, rounded edge board, +⁄-23mm, with a textured, highly characterful appearance due to natural colour variation, undulations, and even visual scarring like natural water markings and those from the drying process. Both surfaces are finished with Hardwax Oil and the entire collection is suitable for use over underfloor heating.



Havwoods offers an extensive range of products and we want to ensure you pick the right one. All of our showrooms have a samples counter where you can pick a selection of samples to take home.

You can also order samples online on our website 24/7 and any samples ordered before 2.00pm (Mon-Fri) are sent to our customers same day and completely free of charge.